Meet the Team


About John

My name is John Phillips, AKA, “The Guru”. I am 44 years old and have over 20 years’ experience and knowledge in the Health and Fitness Industry – what I don’t know, isn’t worth knowing!

I have worked and trained alongside professional athletes in the British Bobsleigh Team, the RAF, Gladiators and World’s Strongest Man, as well as training GB Athletes for competitions.

I opened the doors of Peak in July 2016, bringing a whole new Health and Fitness experience to Tavistock. I am passionate about passing my knowledge on to others and plan to expand the Peak brand even further in future!

My Qualifications

As well as a Gym Owner, I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist. I have additional qualifications in Boxing, Spinning, Kettlebells, TRX and Circuit Training. I also specialise in mobility and injury rehabilitation.

I am also a trained First Aider with my Level 2 at work first aid qualification.

Setting a precedent and showing the other “gyms” in Tavistock “How A Gym Should Be”!

My Training

Over the years I have trained hypertrophy (weight training, bodybuilding) and as the fitness industry has moved on I have adapted to more functional fitness, including CrossFit, Plyometric training as well as calisthenics. As I get older, it is harder to keep supple and mobility becomes limited so I started incorporating stretching and mobility drills into my training regime.


About Jo

My name is Jo Taylor. As a Fitness Coach, Gym Owner and Mum (not necessarily in that order!), I know how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep fit and active, but I also know how hard it is to make health and fitness part of your everyday lifestyle and routine.

I opened Peak with John in July 2016 and wanted to show Tavistock and especially the ladies that a gym doesn’t have to be a clinical place, full of fit people – it should be a place where people of all ages and abilities come together to improve their health and fitness – like one big Fitness Family!

My Qualifications

I am a Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Trainer.

I have also created an online gym – My Peak – for those who are unable to or don’t want to join a gym with bodyweight workouts you can do anywhere, as well as amazing recipes and informative health and fitness articles.

My Training

I have only really embraced fitness and exercise in the last few years. I particularly enjoy functional and strength training and am working hard to dispel the myth and show the ladies that lifting weights will not make you massive – only an awesome, kick-ass She-Ra!

About Steve

My name is Steve Birch. I am a fully qualified personal trainer and Gym Manager at Peak. I got into health and fitness due to being overweight and wanting to make a positive change on my life.

I set myself a goal of getting in shape and when I was doing well people started to ask what I was doing and how I was doing it. I found I really enjoyed helping others with their fitness needs. I made the decision to become a personal trainer.

I know what is like to be out of shape and how hard it is to reach the goals we set for ourselves.

My Qualifications

I’m currently a qualified Level 2 Fitness Instructor and have now completed my Level 3 qualification in Personal Training.

I am passionate about helping others to reach their goals. I enjoy motivating and encouraging others in the gym, especially new members and those who are nervous about working out in a gym environment. I instruct our circuits and HIIT sessions at Peak and love to see the progress and confidence of our members grow during these classes.

My Training

I will work with anyone with any type of goals. I have got a keen interest in functional training using a lot of different bits of equipment varying from kettlebells, dumbbells and tyres which can all be used when I am tailor making your sessions or programs.

I also do a lot of work with the Olympic bars so if you want to learn just the basic movements to help with your strength or going into the more advanced lift with the clean, clean and jerk or snatch I will help you with these as well.

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About Alice

My name is Alice Costello I am 25 years old and a qualified gym instructor.

I got into health and fitness when I decided I needed to lose weight and become fitter. Through losing weight myself I found a new love for the fitness industry and helping others to achieve their goals.

I found the gym and fitness in general to be my release and after having 1.1 sessions with Steve at Peak and seeing the progress I was able to make, I decided to turn my passion into a career.

My Qualifications

I have got both my level 2 Fitness Instructor qualification and my Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification. I am also a Level 3 Sports Therapist.

I am a trained first aider with my level 2 at work first aid qualification.

In the future I am going to be going to do additional qualifications in nutrition and referrals which is going advance my knowledge in rehabilitation work.

My Training

Personally, I really enjoy fast paced cardio work, HIIT style training and light lifting work – which all helps towards becoming fitter and healthier.

I specialise in working with ladies new to fitness that want to make progress in the gym and lose weight.

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