Here at Peak, we don’t just train to become better people. We strive for a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet to ensure our bodies are at their optimum level, always.

Some gym users believe if they train hard, they can eat whatever they like and still make progress. Essentially eating whatever they’re craving, whenever they’re craving it. Our bodies rely on food to survive – Food is fuel! We are all complex machines that require the right combinations of vitamins, minerals and supplements to keep running at Peak efficiency. Throughout everyday life we need to sustain energy levels and stamina to get us through the day, as well as eat the accurate amount of food to support our training.

The saying “food is fuel” has never been more important.

Training isn’t just about pushing as much weight as possible to grow or continuous cardio to lose weight. It is all about balance.

80% Diet and 20% Movement. If what you are putting in your body isn’t right, then you will be wasting your efforts in the gym.

At Peak we believe nutrition is paramount and we offer regular dietary advice to anyone who is in need of guidance.

We also have an In-House Sports Nutritionist on hand to devise a personalised meal plans for our Fitness Family to help them to reach their goals.

We know that our Fitness Family come in all shapes and sizes and that’s why we believe that one size really does not fit all. As with our awesome training plans, our nutrition packages are bespoke and tailored to you.